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Homage To Shakespeare


Bágyi Balázs New Quartet feat. Pocsai Kriszta: Homage To Shakespeare

The music of “Homage to Shakespeare” was composed after the order of the Gyula Castle Theater for the 400th anniversary of Willim Shakespeare’s death. The piece is a jazz suite consists of several movements, its premier was at the XII. Shakespeare Festival in Gyula, Hungary in July 2016.

The project was formed and led by jazz drummer-composer Balázs Bágyi, one of the most respected artists of the Hungarian jazz scene today, members of his band are the best young players in the country. Female vocalist of the production is Kriszta Pocsai who has already proved her talent and extraordinary creativity in different music styles. Their musical relationship with Balázs Bágyi dates more than twenty years back as they studied together and both graduated from the Jazz Department of the Franz Liszt Music Academy in 1998.