A TIM Produkció Bt. működési költségeire szakmai program megvalósítását 2020. évben a Magyar Művészeti Akadémia támogatta.


Eastern Boundary Quartet (USA-H) Rider

Min. stage size : 5 x 4 m
Set up: bass in the middle, drums on the right, piano ont he left, sax in the front of the stage

Acoustic piano with min. 2 mics
Bass amp
2 mics for saxophone and flutes
2 overheads, 1 bass drum mic for the drum kit

4 monitors, min. 2 ways

One bottle ( min. 1,5 L ) of still mineral water and towel for each members.

Food: please note that Balázs is vegetarian!

Accomodation: Min. 3 stars hotel, 4 single rooms including breakfast.

Download rider in PDF format.